Ngozi Moses Executive Director
Denise West Deputy Executive Director
BPHIT- Perinatal Health Information Technology  
 Melissa Mates Project Manager
Maternal Child Health Program  
 Dionne Durant Manager
Birthing Project/Sister Friend  
 Sharon Coombs-Rose Coordinator
ACE- Adult and Child Enrollment Program  for Health Insurance
 Michael Hutchinson Enrollment Coordinator
 Cathleen Freemantle Service Coordinator/ Navigator
 Monica Dennie Health Insurance Navigator
 Lisa Rowe Health Insurance Navigator

Executive Bios 

Ngozi MosesExecutive Director

Ms. Moses' professional training includes the areas of Pharmacist, Public Health Inspector, epidemiologist and Community Health Specialist. She is one of the founding members of the Caribbean Women's Health Association as well as a founding member of the New York City 1985 Prenatal Care Steering Committee, a watchdog advocacy group responsible for city and state focus on the high infant mortality in New York City.

In 1988, she became the Founding Executive Director of the Brooklyn Perinatal Network to promote family health with the focus being "to promote good birth outcomes for community women at risk and prevention/reduction of infant death."

Her philosophy, “I cannot be well if my environment is unhealthy, therefore I have no choice but to work to improve my environment, wherever I find myself”, is one that she clearly takes literally in her personal role as activist, mother to her three children and professional role as Director of the Brooklyn Perinatal Network for more than the past ten years.

Ms. Moses has received numerous awards for leadership, dedication and service from the YWCA, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, the Caribbean Women’s Association and Parent’s Association.

Denise WestDeputy Executive Director 
Denise West has been working in the health and social service community for twenty-five years. She entered the social service field starting as a clinical counselor for the Addiction Research and Treatment Corp., a multifaceted citywide substance abuse agency. She was part of a specialized therapeutic team, serving as the primary therapist to a caseload of 50 multi-substance abusing clients.

In 1985, while she was working at the Community Health Care Network, she became a founding member of the Brooklyn Comprehensive Perinatal Taskforce. She was the group leader for the Brownsville workgroup which developed and administered a community needs assessment. In 1988, when the Taskforce became incorporated, she too was voted in on the Council (which served as the Board of Directors) and elected chairperson of the Finance Committee. In 1990, she resigned her position at the Community Health Care Network and joined the staff of Brooklyn Perinatal Network as Assistant Director.

Ms. West has worked in various management capacities within the organization. Two former positions were Coordinator of Specialty Care Services and Community Relations Project coordinator. Currently she holds the position of Deputy Director – responsible for program development and administration, contract negotiations, evaluation and needs analysis, marketing and public promotion activities and community collaborations.

Board of Directors

Chair Person: Bettie Mays
Secretary: Darren James   
Member: Xamayla Rose-Persadi
Member: Alyssa Aguilera
Treasurer: Bettie Mays



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