The Board, Management and Staff of BPN are committed to:

improving the health and well-being of children, youth, parents, individuals (males and females) and families through linkage to culturally appropriate services to optimize health
Identifying & developing needed resources
Facilitating collaboration & partnership to coordinate services and affect public policy

Brooklyn Perinatal Network was established in 1988 from a community task force to address high infant mortality. Our purpose is to prevent and reduce infant/maternal illness and death, which for several years have been excessively high in our communities. By enabling at-risk residents to access vital information, coordinate care, supportive health and social supportive services and assisting families to secure public health benefits and resources needed to maintain health. We have seen a significant reduction in infant death and improved maternal and child health status.

BPN is a Network or Collaborative of several community organizations that: 


Provide medical care, offering a wide range of primary preventative an clinical services including pregnancy, OB/GYN care, pediatric, adolescent health care, general family practice and adult medicine; as well as specialty care in areas such as mental health, family planning, substance abuse treatment and counseling, HIV/AIDS care and more.

Offer psycho-social health and educational services and referrals to other providers
Coordinate and provide social health and supportive services; family preservation and development services, such as: case management, home-based services, family and individual counseling; teen pregnancy prevention and youth development programs; facilitate access to public assistance programs such as TANF food stamps, child care, housing, job preparation and enrollment for health insurance, among others.


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