The Staten Island Community Program is comprised of over 25 service providers, agencies, community groups and community residents to provide and promote family-centered community based services to at risk families and children. The partnership members are committed to preventing child abuse and neglect through community collaborations, educations and the promotion of high quality services.

Our Commitment is to:

  • Facilitate interagency cooperation and coordination to ensure the most effective delivery of services to families.
  • Promote awareness of child abuse and neglect issues on Staten Island through community fairs, educational presentations and parent workshops.
  • Encourage and develop new approaches to problem solving around abuse and neglect.

The Partnership’s mandated charge of bridging the gap in education coupled with the Mayoral Task Force on Truancy and Absenteeism has also been undergirded by the Staten Island Community Partnership byway of a mentorship program working with identified youth at risk. .

The Community Partnership Project mandated tasks include:

  • Day care/Head-Start/Prevention
  • Family Team Conferencing
  • Family Visiting
  • Foster Parent Recruitment 
  • Education/Mayoral Tasks Force on Truancy and Absenteeism

“We will continue to strengthen Our Community through Engagement while developing New Approaches to address Key Issues facing and Concerns Our Families on Staten Island”


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