Brooklyn Perinatal Network, Inc.

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Wednesday October 04, 2023

The Brooklyn Coalition for Health Equity for Women and Families, formerly the Brooklyn Task Force on Infant and Maternal Mortality and Family Health also known as The Brooklyn Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (BIMRI), is a coalition of Community-Based Organizations (CBO) was formed in 2000 to provide a forum to engage community-based health and human service providers and other community stakeholders in partnerships and collaborative activities that address the disparities in maternal health and birth outcomes in communities of color. We welcome new opportunities for partnership.

The Coalition’s Leadership Team (CLT) is comprised of 5 CBOs committed to Maternal Child Health (MCH) work, each with extensive histories of serving Brooklyn’s vulnerable communities:

1. Brooklyn Perinatal Network (BPN)
2. Caribbean Women’s Health Association (CWHA)
3. Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign (CRCEC)
4. Diaspora Community Services (DCS)
5. Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership (SNAP)

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